1. Looks like the start of a tribal tattoo lol
    Haha! I see it now, Linda. I feel better about my bruises already.
  2. adeline39 said: It’s not dengdeng is it?

    It’s not! It’s my first time photographing them. These are the residents cat at my work place. Dendeng can’t have babies anymore, since my neighbours brought her to the vet last year. :)

  3. hadiheadbanger said: holy crap you’re a pig now!!! hahaha jk….congrats tho :D

    Watch your words, mister. I can take you under custody for insulting an officer. Hahahahha.

    adeline39 said: Congratulations.. now I have to watch my step around you since you are the law lol

    No, Linda! You’re all good! You’re out of my jurisdiction! Lolol.

  4. Omg, are these recent pics? <3 I haven’t seen deng deng in so long!

    Yep! Those were from yesterday! :D

    It just occurred to me - I’ve never told you what Dendeng/Deng deng is, have I? Hahahaha. It’s thinly sliced dried meat in Indonesian cuisine. There’s a picture here. Pudding came by the neighbourhood first, and then my friend and I were thinking up a name for the new brown cat. Dendeng rhymed, hence the name.

  5. These are great.. I love the last one! :))

    Legolicious! The queues for the rides were way too long though. We didn’t go on a single one, mainly also because most of them are made for young kids. We did catch one 4D movie screening. I don’t know if it’s any different at other Legoland theme parks around the world?

  6. adeline39 replied to your post: 14 October 2012
    I also believe that cats can see stuff we can’t. And, they do act weird sometimes with no logical explanation. :/

    That’s probably it then. Hash updated me - Panther was fine after a few hours.

    Still freaky.

  7. uh oh…. look out world.. queenie is on the loose lol

    That’s very wise advice. Hahahahah. Stay far away from me! I’m not a safe motorist, yet. Lol.

  8. You’re on a budget now girl… no more shopping trips.. :)

    Yeah. Not for a long time. Time to start saving for overseas trips instead!

  9. Your outfit is stunning!.. The little girl is adorable! .. and I love the pic of you with the sunglasses on.. so sassy! haha

    Thanks Linda! That’s my squad mate’s niece! She’s such an angel and what’s cutest is that she loves to offer hugs.

  10. love the outfit ! How Singapore-Scottish of him! :)

    He plays the bagpipes pretty well too! Watch here.

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